Scott Bickham

Paul Yarnold

David Lyon

Corey Petro

Brian Cochran

About Custom:
For more than a dozen years, Custom has been a leading voice in the vibrant and fast growing music scene in Seattle. Inspired by a wide variety of influences - including rock, pop, blues, country, prog, metal, and classical - Custom has developed a unique and ever-evolving sound. Now, with the recent addition of world-renowned vocalist David Lyon, Custom is poised to enter a new chapter of music on the international stage.

David Lyon – Lead Vocals (Ashes of Eden)
Corey Petro – Guitar (Runaway Trains)
Scott Bickham – Guitar & Vocals (The Cunninghams)
Paul Yarnold – Bass & Vocals (Model Citizen)
Brian Cochran – Drums

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Five guys. Hundreds of shows. Over a decade of rock. CUSTOM.

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